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Temporomandibular Joint commonly called as TMJ is one of the complex joints of our body where the lower jawbone comes in contact with our skull. There is a disc-like structure which acts as a cushion between the two bone structures and enables the smooth function of the joint. The facial muscles are responsible for the opening and closing of the mouth. For proper functionality of the oral cavity, it is important that the temporomandibular joints are in proper shape and functioning well. Due to several reasons, there can be problems with TMJ which can cause severe discomfort to the patient. Our oral surgeon Dr. Rahn offers treatment to TMJ problems at our Fresno, California office. There are a number of treatment procedures we perform to relieve patients from pain and enable proper functionality of the oral cavity.

What causes Temporomandibular Joint:

Although the actual root cause still remains a mystery, Oral surgeons assume that the main cause for TMD could be due to the muscles that are present in the area around the jaw or it could be with the parts of the joint itself. Temporomandibular Joint may happen due to severe injury to the jaw or heavy blow received in the joints around the jaw. Other possible factors could be due to grinding or clenching of the teeth, excess stress, a presence of arthritis and dislocation of the disc in the muscles of the jaw can lead to Temporomandibular Joint.

Temporomandibular Joint Problems – Symptoms

There can be several causes for problems with TMJ. Accidental injury, excessive chewing of gums, malocclusion, stress, teeth grinding and other conditions like arthritis can lead to TMJ disorders. As a result of the disorder, there can be a pain in jaw muscles and few more difficulties patients may face in daily life. Here are few symptoms patients may note.

  • Headache
  • Acute pain and discomfort around the jaw, neck and shoulder while chewing, talking or while opening the mouth.
  • The upper teeth may not touch the lower teeth
  • Painful to open and close the mouth
  • One may feel clicking, grating or popping sound in the jaw joint when opening or closing the mouth.
  • A person will be having a dull and fatigued face.
  • Swelling of the face and difficulty in consuming and chewing food stuff.
  • Toothaches, pain in shoulder, neck, giddiness and ringing in the ears.

TMJ disorder – Treatment

When a patient visits our office with signs of TMJ disorder, we firstly perform an examination to see if the joints are fine. We make a note of the symptoms and ask questions to the patient. The first task will be to relieve the patient from pain using pain medicine. On confirmation of TMJ disorder, our oral surgeon recommends a treatment plan based on the type and severity of the problem. We design oral appliances at our office which can relieve the facial muscles of the patient from stress. The appliance prevents tooth grinding and lets patients get better sleep. The soreness experienced from the TMJ disorder can reduce over a period of time when the appliance is used for few weeks.

Our doctor may also recommend changes in lifestyle to reduce stress if it is found to be the cause of the TMJ problem. A surgery is recommended only in the most complex cases. If you have pain in your jaw joint, do not neglect it and compromise the quality of life. Visit our office in Fresno, California for comprehensive care.


Dr. Andrew Rahn is the most caring, gentle, selfless person I've ever met. He genuinely cares about you and takes time out of his busy schedule to help you out in any way you need and that is a rare quality to find nowadays. He has an amazing personality that will keep you laughing which is always a plus! I highly recommend going to him whether it's for your health or in need of a good friend! Madison McInnes
By just meeting Dr. Rahn one time i felt i could trust him in all matters, not just Dental. I like the way i was treated and how he explained everything in detail.
All i want now is a couple of front teeth for the holidays.
PS:::::: i feel (felt) this way about him since he came into this world! Gisela K. Rahn
Dr Rahn is awesome! he is very attentive, caring and has access to the latest technology which he actually applies. Highly recomend him! Melisa Spolini
Dr. Rahn did an excellent job on our sons wisdom teeth and we got a funny video out of it as well. Thank you! Ben Matson
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