Oral Pathology Fresno California

Oral Pathology Fresno California

Our mouth is the window to our overall health. Therefore it is important that the oral cavity is free from all forms of diseases and defects. Oral pathology is an area of dental medicine which is dedicated to the study of diseases related to the oral cavity, jaws, temporomandibular joint and salivary glands. The aim is to perform a thorough check of the oral cavity and make sure that no problems exist. In this regard, oral cancer screening is one of the things we do at our Fresno, California office.

Our oral cavity is covered with a thin layer of skin called mucosa which is different from the skin in other parts of the body. The color and the smoothness of the skin are totally different. Changes in the color of skin or thickening in areas of the oral cavity may be indicators of oral cancer. Following are some of the common symptoms.

  • Tongue pain
  • Soreness which does not fade away
  • Thickening of skin in a particular area
  • Difficulty chewing food
  • White or reddish patches

It is important to note that pain is not always a symptom associated with oral cancer. Oral cancer examination can help in early detection. If you have any queries regarding oral cancer contact our office.


Dr. Andrew Rahn is the most caring, gentle, selfless person I've ever met. He genuinely cares about you and takes time out of his busy schedule to help you out in any way you need and that is a rare quality to find nowadays. He has an amazing personality that will keep you laughing which is always a plus! I highly recommend going to him whether it's for your health or in need of a good friend! Madison McInnes
By just meeting Dr. Rahn one time i felt i could trust him in all matters, not just Dental. I like the way i was treated and how he explained everything in detail.
All i want now is a couple of front teeth for the holidays.
PS:::::: i feel (felt) this way about him since he came into this world! Gisela K. Rahn
Dr Rahn is awesome! he is very attentive, caring and has access to the latest technology which he actually applies. Highly recomend him! Melisa Spolini
Dr. Rahn did an excellent job on our sons wisdom teeth and we got a funny video out of it as well. Thank you! Ben Matson
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