IV Sedation Fresno California

IV Sedation Fresno California

Have you ever postpone your oral care appointment because you are uncomfortable visiting an Oral Surgeon office? You are not alone. Dental phobia is very common in the United States. It can go to an extent where the patient bears a toothache but avoids an oral care appointment. This has a serious impact on oral health. Sedation is a technique used in oral surgery to help patients relax during major oral surgeries like dental implants, bone grafting, wisdom teeth extractions and etc.. Our sedation methods can make the surgical process seem to have completed soon and relieved you from anxiety completely. If you have a query regarding sedation, call us to make an appointment in Fresno, California. Our team can help you with the necessary information.

IV Sedation at Our Fresno Office

Dr. Rahn is a trained and licensed oral surgeon who offers IV sedation and general anesthesia at our Fresno office. Intravenous sedation, which is commonly called IV sedation, is a method in which the sedative is administered into the veins of the patient. A needle is used to inject the sedative into the blood stream. Our team controls the level of relaxation achieved by varying the amount of sedative administered. The patient will be conscious during the procedure and will be able to respond to verbal commands. The sedative puts the patient into a deep relaxation state. As a result, the patient may not remember any part of the treatment. The entire process may seem to have completed fast. The patient can be brought back to normal by lowering the amount of sedative.

IV sedation is normally offered for long surgical procedures to relieve patients from anxiety and stress and to make them feel comfortable. There are other mild sedatives that are commonly used for routine dental procedures. Since IV sedation involves the use of an injection, nitrous oxide a mild sedative can be offered to the patient to make him/her feel comfortable before the IV sedation is injected into the veins.

IV Sedation Dentistry – Concerns

Our sedation methods are completely safe and effective in letting the patients relax. During the first visit, our oral surgeon asks questions related to the medical history of the patient and asks if the patient is under any medication. Our team at Fresno, California instructs the patient about diet and care required before and after sedation process. The pulse rate, blood pressures level and respiration of the patient are monitored before and during the treatment continuously. The patient may be advised not to drive an automobile or operate any machinery for about 8 hours after the sedation process. A caretaker must take the patient back home after the treatment.


Dr. Andrew Rahn is the most caring, gentle, selfless person I've ever met. He genuinely cares about you and takes time out of his busy schedule to help you out in any way you need and that is a rare quality to find nowadays. He has an amazing personality that will keep you laughing which is always a plus! I highly recommend going to him whether it's for your health or in need of a good friend! Madison McInnes
By just meeting Dr. Rahn one time i felt i could trust him in all matters, not just Dental. I like the way i was treated and how he explained everything in detail.
All i want now is a couple of front teeth for the holidays.
PS:::::: i feel (felt) this way about him since he came into this world! Gisela K. Rahn
Dr Rahn is awesome! he is very attentive, caring and has access to the latest technology which he actually applies. Highly recomend him! Melisa Spolini
Dr. Rahn did an excellent job on our sons wisdom teeth and we got a funny video out of it as well. Thank you! Ben Matson
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