Dental Implants Fresno California

Dental Implants Fresno California

Our teeth can be protected for a lifetime through proper oral care and oral hygiene. When a tooth is lost it takes the root along with it. The loss not only compromises your ability to chew food but can lead to a number of other oral health issues. A dental implant is a wonderful replacement to lost tooth root which supports artificial crowns and brings back the confidence to chew on hard food items. The restoration becomes an integral part of your oral cavity and can last a lifetime. This is why dental implants are sometimes referred to as the next best thing to natural teeth. Have you been missing a tooth for some time? Do not delay as your jawbone may have already started to shrink by now. Make an appointment and meet our oral surgeon at Fresno, CA office. Our experienced surgical team can work towards bringing back a healthy smile in you.

Why should a lost tooth be replaced?

To put in simple words, a lost tooth requires being replaced to improve the quality of life. Dental restorations are aimed at aiding biting and chewing functions. A dental restoration gives the patient freedom to eat his favorite food without having to worry about anything.

The gap created by missing tooth can cause a shift in the position of nearby teeth. This can lead to orthodontic problems. In the absence of a tooth, the jawbone below starts to shrink because of lack of stimulation, which it normally receives through tooth roots. When a few teeth are missing in a row, the bone resorption becomes evident since the facial skin starts to sag because of lack of support.

Though dental restorations can improve chewing functions, the functional efficiency of each restoration is different from the other. Dental implants are known to have the highest functional efficiency as compared to all other forms. The bite can feel more natural with the implanted tooth in place. The implant also keeps the supporting bone healthy through bite stimulation. This restoration does not require the preparation of nearby teeth, unlike few other restorations. With proper care, this artificial replacement can last a lifetime.

Restoring a lost tooth with dental implant at our Fresno office

Dr. Rahn, who is certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, has performed over three thousand dental implant surgeries at our office. His experience, skills and knowledge and the amazing technological equipment at our office have been the reason behind the success of our dental implant surgeries. If you have a question regarding dental implant, our team at Fresno is more than happy to answer you. Call us right away and book your appointment.

When you visit our office at Fresno with a missing tooth, our team firstly checks the status of your supporting bone. We work together with our oral surgeons to get details of your oral health. Periodontal disease, tooth decay or accidental injuries may cause tooth loss. We ensure that necessary steps are taken to see that there is no infection. We have ICAT equipment which helps us scan the supporting bone structure. Bone grafting is performed if there is an insufficient bone to hold the restoration. Through this process, we rebuild the supporting bone structure. We make a note of your medical history and let you know when and how the dental implant surgery can be performed. The treatment plan is set and the date is scheduled.

Dental implant surgery is performed after administration of local anesthesia. Some patients may require sedative to help keep them relaxed during the treatment. An incision is made in the gums and a flap is opened. Our oral surgeon uses a series of drills to make an opening in the supporting bone. This opening is where the implant is torqued into. Once the implant is inserted in the planned position, the gums are sutured back and the surgical site is left to heal. An implant cap may be used to cover implant head.

In the next phase of treatment, impressions of teeth are taken to get a crown fabricated in the lab. On confirmation that Osseointegration is complete, the implant cap is removed and an abutment is bonded in place. Once the crown is available the team at our dental office checks the fit. On confirmation of fit, the crown is finally cemented over the implant to complete the restoration process.

Dental Implant Surgery - How are we different?

Our oral surgeon is backed by 13+ years of experience and has performed more than three thousand complex surgeries till date. Our team works with our surgeons to gather information related to your oral health and set the right treatment plan for you. We have some of the most advanced technological equipment which helps us check the status of the jawbone and map the best position for the implant placement. Our dental implant surgeries have been successful in creating healthy smiles for people of Fresno and surrounding communities.


Dr. Andrew Rahn is the most caring, gentle, selfless person I've ever met. He genuinely cares about you and takes time out of his busy schedule to help you out in any way you need and that is a rare quality to find nowadays. He has an amazing personality that will keep you laughing which is always a plus! I highly recommend going to him whether it's for your health or in need of a good friend! Madison McInnes
By just meeting Dr. Rahn one time i felt i could trust him in all matters, not just Dental. I like the way i was treated and how he explained everything in detail.
All i want now is a couple of front teeth for the holidays.
PS:::::: i feel (felt) this way about him since he came into this world! Gisela K. Rahn
Dr Rahn is awesome! he is very attentive, caring and has access to the latest technology which he actually applies. Highly recomend him! Melisa Spolini
Dr. Rahn did an excellent job on our sons wisdom teeth and we got a funny video out of it as well. Thank you! Ben Matson
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